Welcome to my site! “From My BackYard For You”.
My name is Carlos M. Verestín, I’m a 65-year old self-motivated photographer. In 2005 I started photography, but my Fibromyalgia Syndrome cut me short and put me in bed for 3 years. Being bored every day with chronic pain in my body I made the decision to buy a new camera for my hobby, (someone robbed my old Canon PowerShot 560), and to keep me busy and see if this would be good for my body and mind. I got the EOS Canon Rebel T6i with the idea of learning how to operate this digital camera. In 2015, I began taking shots through my bedroom window but I had no luck, so I set a bird feeder on a tree in my backyard facing the bedroom window. I took photos of birds eating and flying around the bird feeder from my bed. After a year of self education, I learned how to use this new digital camera, my practice really paid off. I motivated myself to get out of bed and take more diverse photos. By 2017 I collected around 6 to 7 thousands images of things I saw as beautiful. I was out of bed for 18 months, but it didn’t last. I opened my collection for sale at the Historical Market Street in Roanoke Virginia, but 2 days standing on and without making a sale, the chronic pain sent me back to bed for 3 days. My wife Consuelo said that in the future she will be open to help me sell my collection at the Market place in Roanoke on Sundays, but I had another idea…
Well, here is another way to present you “From My Backyard For You,” my best nature and urban collection, from old and new barns, birds, buildings, landscapes, macros, foods and much more to see. It would please me a lot to know that my photos are tying together a look in someone’s home or made presents to friends and family. Check and see what photos Carlos has for you in “From My Backyard For You”. Thank you for checking out my page, even if you don’t donate. I hope something I made put a smile on your face. “My First Journey,” first nature collection out “From My Backyard For You”…Today!

2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Lyanette

    I love this page ! And the photos are incredible. You can really tell the hard work that was put into this page. I can’t wait to see more !

    1. From My BackYard For You

      Hi, Lyanette. Thank you for your comment and I just download new images for everyone at the website. Please show your sisters the flowers on the page and I will print 3 images for each, of any selected picture they want. Some have a visitor on the flowers, ok. HA! I Love you my family… Don’t forget your comments. Be Bless and Stay Bless, LVU


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